• What will the church placement be like?

    Each placement will be different depending on the needs of the church you're placed in. We partner with many different styles/types of churches in Mexico City because we are an interdenominational organization.

  • Is it OK if I don't speak Spanish?

    Although it is important to speak the language to be able to communicate with the locals, it's ok if you do not know Spanish before coming to Avance.

  • What are the Spanish classes like?

    Throughout the summer you will be placed in a beginner, intermediate, or advanced level Spanish class with the other participants. In the first month, you will have classes three times a week, and in the second, two times a week. Throughout the year, you will be provided Spanish classes depending on your level of proficiency.

  • What does the cost cover?

    The program cost covers all your living expenses during your time in Mexico. This includes food, rent, and transportation within the city. The airfare is not included. If you choose to do so you may bring extra cash for other expenses such as gifts for your host family.

  • When is the application due?

    April 1st

  • How are the host families selected?

    We interview families who are a part of the churches that Avance works with and go through a process to make sure they are suitable hosts for our participants. We seek families who are involved with the church, and in some cases, the pastor's family may host our participants. Furthermore, when possible, we aim to place female participants with families who have daughters and males with families who have sons.

About us:

Serve in Mexico City with Avance for a week, summer or a whole year. Immerse yourself through language and culture while living with a host family, taking Spanish classes, serving under national leadership and participating in a local church. Help Mexican Christians reach out with compassion and love in one of the largest cities of the world, and grow and learn about God’s will for your life at the same time.


Ciudad de México, Mexico.

Email: info@avancemexico.org